Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities:

• We require social media marketing experts to grow our online presence. Candidate must be able to
• Plan, develop and manage paid media ads for Facebook, Twitter and Google AdWords campaigns, YouTube video campaigns, and direct digital media buys.
• Develop innovative strategies to drive traffic to social media pages.
• Develop creative concepts for online media such as graphics, videos and emails.
• Analyze social media page performance and make appropriate adjustments to reach social media performance goals.


• Experience should have between 2 years to 3 years.

• In this role, you’ll help design and implement programs to help our clients connect with critical stakeholders in a way that supports business strategy and creates a competitive advantage. This includes SEO research, content development, social advertising, and measurement/analysis, among other responsibilities.


• Digital Marketing Strategy and Tactics: Understands goals and develops digital strategies to help achieve goals; executes/oversees implementation of tactics to support strategies and achieve objectives.
• Passion for Learning: Able to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies and platforms.
• Project Management: Able to manage multiple facets of project deliverables on deadline.
• Critical Thinking: Understands performance analytics and interprets data into meaningful insight/actionable next steps; able to connect dots.
• Confident and Strong Communicator: Possesses an ability to present ideas with a sound rationale.
• Results-oriented: Focused on quality, detail and impact.

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