November 21, 2017
December 8, 2017
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Gluon Release

New configuration added related to sale and purchase
A configuration named “GRN stock impact” in Purchase Configuration has been added that will affect DC and GRN screens. It usage is:
o If the checkbox is checked, stock will be impacted only once when DC and GRN will be made
o If the checkbox is not checked, stock will be impacted while making Sale or Purchase

2. New configuration added in Accounts
A new confuguration named “Direct Voucher Print” has been added in Accounts Configuration. Following screens will be affected:
Sales, Sales Return, Purchase, Purchase Return, Import Document, Store Issuance, Return Store Issuance, and Production Entry.
It usage is:
– If this configuraiton checkbox is checked, a message will be shwon to user is he wants to print the voucher and “Yes” and “No” options will be given.
– If this configuraiton checkbox is unchecked, voucher print message will not be shown

3. A new feild to show “Transporter” has been added on Sales Order, Delivery Challan, and Sales screens

4. An issue related to Return Issuance has been fixed
If a new store issuance is made without a Plan and Ticket, now it will be loaded on Return Issuance. Previously, it was not loaded on Return Issuance.

5. An issue related to amount in “Mobilization Value” has been fixed on PM -> Vendor Contract screen
The issue was that the value in this field was disturned with larger amounts

6. Account name in “Account Description” column on “Itme Detail History” screen shows the accout that will be selected in “Cost of Goods Account” field on “Store Issuance” screen.

7. A new screen “Sales Adjustment Voucher” has been added in Sales module to enter an adjustment voucher

8. An issue has been fixed regarding attaching multiple files (images, docs etc) with inventory items on Inventory screen

9. A new field has been added on Sales screen to store commission of the salesman.

10. A new report has bee added to view birthdays of employees in HR module

11. Receipt screen has been modified to give addition funationality. This screen will be opened by defualt. User can use the old Receipt screen by clicking on the button that is present on the new screen

12. A new report “Plan Progress Report” has been added in Production module

13. Layout of “Sales Inquiry Approval” has been modified

14. System notifications shall be generated when a Quotation is approved or rejected. This is done on “Comparison Statement” screen

15. Now different accounts for sales tax can be associated with different companies

16. Now automatic codes will be generated for Child Accounts like the code generated for Detail Account

17. An issue has been fixed on “Auto Salary Generation” screen if Total Salary (or Net Amount) of an empolyee was zero for a month

18. A button labled “Voucher Reversal” has been added on “Voucher Entry” screen to reverse the effect of a voucher that was added wrongly

19. Tab order on “Purchase” screen has been set in a logical sequence

20. Following columns have been added on “Order Summary” report:
– For Sales Order: Color, Size , Detail and Delivery Date
– For Purchase Order: PO date, PO number

21. In left panel, now scroll bar will appear if items in the panel are more than that can be shown at once

22.On Store Issuance screen, all departments shall be shown in drop down if ticket filter is not applied.
it will be applied on standard cost sheet.

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