December 12, 2017
Gluon Release
January 10, 2018
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Gluon Release

  1. New filed added on Purchase screen

A new field “Transporter Charges” has been added on Purchase screen. Transporter charges are distributed on quantities of items


  1. Two new fields have been added on Sales screen

Two new fields “Trade Price” and “Retail Price” have been added on Sales screen. Trade Price will be mentioned where item is defined and Retail Price will be mentioned on Sales or Production Entry.


  1. Discount Handling

A new dropdown is added on Sales screen and user can choose between “flat” or “percentage” discounts


  1. New Payment Screen

A new Payment screen is added with new functionality. User can switch between old and new screens


  1. Production Based Salary report

A new report is added in Production module


  1. Purchase Adjustment Voucher

A new screen is added in Purchase module to enter an adjustment voucher


  1. New configuration “Duplicate Mobile Number” added in Sales and Marketing

The configuration has been added to allow associating one mobile number with more than one customer


  1. Issue related to rights has been fixed on Production Summary and Summary of Production


  1. Return Store Issuance

The saving issue of Cost of Goods Account on Return Store Issuance has been fixed


  1. Repeating account names on multiple levels

A configuration “Duplicate Account Name” has been added. If this check is on then user can enter same account name on each level with different code


  1. Issue fixed related to items of zero stock

An issue has been fixed allowing items of zero stock to appear on the dashboard


  1. Duplicate voucher print message

A duplicate appearing message to print voucher on Payment Receipt Expense has been fixed


  1. More filter criteria has been added for GRN Detail Report


  1. New filter added in CRM module

“Date” is added in the “Views” menu on “Task” screen


  1. GRN Rejected Quantity report

New report is added showing rejected quantity from purchase and GRN


  1. New fields on Production Entry screen

Two new field (Dimension1 and Dimension2) are added


  1. New feature of Material Decomposition

A new feature has been added in the system to decompose the returned material


  1. Effect of decomposed item on stock

History of the decomposed items will be generated and their effect on stock will be made. History of the decomposed item can be viewed in stock statement


  1. Sales tax calculation formula changed on Receipt

It is now similar to Sales screen. An issue is also fixed and now if payment type is bank, voucher prefix will be “BRV”


20. An issue related to multi-currency on Sales screen has been fixed regarding fuel expenses and insurance amount

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