Gluon Release
December 26, 2017
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March 2, 2018
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Gluon Release

A rate conversion facility has been added on Purchase and Purchase Order screens. The rate conversion screen can be opened by pressing F1 key when the cursor is in “Current Rate” fields on screen and grid.

A new report “Account Wise purchase report” has been added.

Tracking voucher and back date entry issues has been fixed on New Payment and New Receipt screens.

A new Employee dropdown has been added on Cash Request screen.

Few labels have been changed on New Receipt screen.

A new Employee dropdown has been added on JV screen.

An option has been created to generate PO from CS Approval.

A new field has been added to store customer remarks on Sale Invoice.

A new “company” dropdown has been added on Purchase screen.

On Sales Quotation screen, now quotation can be searched based on sales inquiry number.

Point of Sales: A new feature has been added in the system. This screen can be opened from Sales main menu. POS Configuration and rights have also been added into the system.

Now accounts can be mapped regarding Decomposition feature.

Tag ID and Remarks regarding Decomposition are now saved in Item Ledger.

An issue regarding uploading Picture on Inventory Items screen has been fixed.

On Purchase Inquiry screen, the “Load Purchase Demand” button has been added and its configuration “PO Generation from CS” has also been added in Configuration >> System Configuration >> Purchase Configuration screen. When “PO Generation from CS” configuration will be ON, Vendor Quotation can be loaded on Comparison Statement without assigning a sales inquiry to someone.

An option has been provided to let the system know about the Invoice numbers to skip. The “Skipping Sales Invoice Numbers” can be opened from “Utilities” main menu.

A voucher entry issue has been fixed while decomposing items.

Names of “Posted By” and “Checked By” users will appear on Voucher, Expense, Receipt, New Receipt, Payment, and New Payment screens.

A new option has been added to define second level of customer type.

Two new fields (“Additional Custom Duty” and “Regulatory Duty”) on Import Document Screen have been added.

The following two reports show data related to both purchases: imports and local purchases. Only data that has financial impact are selected:

  • Net summary of purchase invoice
  • Item detail history

Additional customer and vendor information can viewed on Sale and Purchase screens by pressing the F2 key.

Salesman reference has been added on Quotation screen.

A new text filed has been provided to enter “serial number” on Quotation screen.

Item dropdown has been made searchable on all transnational screens.

Account dropdown has been made searchable on all transnational screens.

Following reports has been made multi-GRN enabled:

  • LC wise Detail Report
  • LC outstanding detail report

A new feature of Cross-selling (associating related items with an item) has been added into the system. A new tab “Related Items” is added on the Inventory item definition screen.

A new screen to define Advance Request Types” has been added into the system. This screen can be opened from “Accounts” main menu.

Now an approved item from Comparison Statement can be added on an existing offer.

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