Gluon Release
October 17, 2018
Gluon Release
October 30, 2018
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Gluon Release

Main menu navigation color should be user configuration based.

My app and database Release version difference image should show when user log-in.

Customer wise Sales Summary Report.

Customer wise Sales Detail Report.

Fields require on Detail report : Group Department ,Product Type ,Category ,Sub Category, City , Territory, Province , Sales man , Manager.

Fields require on Consolidate report : Group Department ,Product Type ,Category ,Sub Category.

Property Profile Detail Report.

Date lock Permissions is not working in Relevant Date lock mode.

Relevant date lock is not working accordingly.

GRN Stock impact issue due to Purchase & GRN.

Property ProfileĀ  number or Document number require on Ledger Descriptions.

Rate should be Tax excluding on Quotation generated from CS.

Configuration based Auto email on Purchase Inquiry and Comparison Statement.

Auto mail on Approval configuration is not saving.

Sales Inquiry Assignment Email sending problem to Assigned Users.

Sales Inquiry Assignment multi time assigned the same inquiry to Single User.

Inquiry number filter is not working according to date range selected on Comparison Statement.

Validation require on Vendor if it is already added in on Purchase Inquiry.

Email should sent to user when Quotation is generated from Comparison Statement rather than of Customer.

User wise history required on Lead Profile and also should be applied “Get All” rights to show all records.

Attachment option require on Lead Profile and Opportunity.

Company Logo Attachment is also required on Lead Profile and also show on Print.

Lead Management:

  • Lead Profile.
  • Lead Profile Account creation in COA and also add Sub-Sub Account in configuration.
  • Support Opportunity.
  • Hardware Opportunity.

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