Softbeats Industrial Growth Transformation series

Gluon ERP powered by Softbeats has taken the initiative of starting a one of kind, Live Webinar Series on Industrial Growth Transformation through which challenges faced by Industries & businesses while leveraging the digital technologies were addressed by the Industrial Experts.

Industrial digital Transformation webinar series is a set of innovation and transitioning towards new business models of revenue streams consisting fundamental pillars of automation, improved manufacturing processes & production optimization.

This series will include the discussion of industrial experts and analysts regarding the contemporary business challenges faced in analysing their pain points and solutions available to deal these.

The series of Industrial Growth Transformation, initiated by Softbeats PVT Ltd organized a successful session on “Challenges faced by Steel & Metal Industry Before & after Implementing an ERP Solution” on January 15th 2021.

A Certified Expert from Steel Industry was invited to discuss the challenges, pain points & how ERP can be the solution towards the challenges Steel Industry faces & discussed the importance & issues of implementing an ERP Software. The Webinar was moderated by Khalid Hameed- Marketing Manager of Softbeats PVT Ltd.

We invited Khurram Ali Mubaashir as our guest speaker to further discuss regarding the challenges faced by Steel Industry Globally. Khurram Ali Mubaashir, MSc, ACMA, CGMA, CPA, has won many hats in his career and has been empowering people by enabling them towards new avenues & empowering youth towards digitization. Khurram Ali was the Manager in “Tuwairqi Steel Mills Limited” for a decade and has extensive & inside knowledge regarding the challenges faced by Steel Industry globally. Khurram Ali is now a certified expert trainer & have been empowering youth from different universities all over Pakistan.

The agenda behind this webinar was to discuss about The Global Steel Industry, a complete overview of the Steel & Metal industry mechanism, mentioning some common failures that the industry faces & shared some success stories. Also, the speaker also discussed regarding the global challenges that the steel industry faces & the pain points of the industry & the future of steel industry.

Furthermore, the speaker also discussed what are the criteria for selecting a good ERP System & The Challenges faced by Industries in Implementation of an ERP system.

In the end Mr. Khalid Hameed – Manager Marketing Softbeats Pvt Ltd appreciated the participation of our guest speaker and paid a vote of thanks to honourable speaker for the insightful session.

Soft beats Pvt Ltd is now planning to organize panel discussion on “Managing Human Resources in the Era of Digital Transformation” on January 29th 2021. Timings of this webinar will be announced on the Softbeats / Gluon ERP social pages soon.

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